As your wellness coach, I will redefine how you view self-care to help you overcome burnouts and anxiety.  I will advise you on how to think with a more positive mindset about who you are, how you perceive others and the world.  I will holistically help and guide you to overcome your limiting barriers, to unlock your potential.  Often with profound results.


16 Días de Gratitud Intencionada a Través de Ho’oponopono

Participa en el Reto privado 16 Días De Gratitud Intencionada A Través De Ho’oponopono y transformar tu vida con esta poderosa herramienta.



Mahalo Juego Ho’oponopono

Cuando Mahalo Juego Ho’oponopono llegó a mi vida, mi auténtica naturaleza reconoció algo que ya conocía.

Sabes que nuestro ser reconoce las verdades que edifican nuestras almas?

Transforma tu vida y la de toda tu familia aquí y ahora.

Como la embajadora de esta maravillosa esa herramienta, hago posible que Mahalo llegue a ti en todo USA🇺🇸,  

Puerto Rico🇵🇷 Y Costa Rica🇨🇷.



Certified Angel Therapy practitioner in the lineage of Doreen Virtue

Angel Therapy is a spiritual healing method that involves working with your Guardian Angels and Archangels. Who are Archangels?  They are the messengers of God. Whether you practice with a particular religious affiliation or not, the Angels’ purpose is to serve us and they are always happy to be called into action.

We all have our own Angel with us from the moment of birth. Since a very young age, I have been very sensitive to energy and blessed to have a great connection with these Divine Beings of Light.  By connecting with their energy, through angel card reading, I help you to connect with these friends and guardians of light. The Angelical realm is for those who are ready go deeper on a spiritual path. Every therapy session is customized to the needs of each individual client.  Angel Therapy allows the client  to tap into their own spirituality by shifting into a space where they can find inner peace and strength.



PSYCH-K® is a fast and efficient set of holistic processes that balance our social, psychological and emotional wellbeing.  Psych-k is a holistic tool I like to use as part of my wellness and coaching practice. It brings balance and coherency between the two hemispheres of the brain, erasing the conflict between the two. In the summer of 2019, I became a PSYCH-K ® facilitator.

PSYCH-K ® is a profound set of processes that helps you communicate with your subconscious mind so you can change beliefs that limit your self-esteem, relationships, job performance, your physical health, allowing to integrate new life-enhancing programs and beliefs.

Through PSYCH-K ®, we can address and get to the root of many issues making it possible to experience a fast transformation. Recovery of your inner power is totally possible.


What results can you expect?

Brain Mapping offers scientific validation that changes are in fact being made within the brain during the balance process of PSYCH-K®.  Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement in Glendale, Arizona, worked with Rob Williams, the creator of PSYCH-K® and have successfully documented positive findings.



B A Soul 30 Days Mentoring Coaching Intense Program

Is your energy and vitality is not what it used to be?  Are you not managing a eating and health issue well?  Did you receive a diagnosis that rocked your world?  Are you having trouble managing work, your kids, and family?  Did you just happened to lose your footing? If so, these 30 days of mentoring can help you Redefine Your Happiness.

During our one on one 55 minutes weekly session via phone or video call, we will dive deep into understanding the underlying situation.  Centered with a clear intention we will create a one month plan on how to move forward. 

You will acutely understand that mind, body, and spirit transformation can be attainable.


Throughout our time together, you will get a sense of what you need to truly thrive and how to create it in your life.  The beauty behind B A Soul 30 days Mentoring Coaching Program, is that even after the 30 days is over, you will have the tools you need to keep making progress on your own.

I am so glad you are here!



Inspiring Memorable Motivating!

Eileen Silverberg is the creator and founder of E.S. Being Aloha Souls® Meditation, and author of  “A Warrior of Light: A guide of inner wisdom for challenging times”.  She has also translated the book in Spanish, “Una Guerrera de Luz; Una guía de sabiduría interna para tiempos difíciles”.   She has spoken for ADI (Alzheimers Disease International) Key Largo Conference and for ADI Miami, Florida, The Palace skilled nursing homes facility, and for the Alzheimer’s Association support group. Apart from writing, Eileen is a meditation and wellness coach, as well as a business entrepreneur.


Learn how to hire Eileen Silverberg to speak at corporate events, lectures, retreats, business summits, private parties, tradeshows or as a guest speaker.


  • Engaging presentation for thriving organizations.
  • Incredible meditation workshops that have attendees raving. Eileen’s inspiring presentation will leave attendees motivated, inspired and ready for change. 
  • Her mission is to inspire (specially women) leaders to create a soul-filled life that is full of purpose, passion and mindfulness.
  • The Power of Meditation for medical Staff and Caregivers.
  • The Power of Meditation for Business leaders. This a talk for professional leaders.  Eileen dives into the latest science of leadership and behavior change with meditation.
  • The body language of leaders (the power body language laws)
  • How to combat fear with confidence ( Eileen helps attendees take action)
  • Why every leader should know about E.S. Being Aloha Soul® Meditation.
  • Eileen can tailor the  conference to help caregivers get the most impact. 


Can I see you personally instead of virtually?

We will contract for phone or video coaching sessions.  However, if you are in the Miami area we can discuss the availability for in person sessions.  Whichever way is more suitable to you,  I will hold you accountable to keeping your commitment to yourself and to the process and you will have my support and guidance through the process.

How can you guarantee success in 30 days?

My method is unique, designed to target very specific objectives and goals.  I work together with you to design action steps, evaluating results and making meaningful changes, supporting and guiding you through the program.

Do you a reimbursement policy?

No, I do not have a reimbursement policy. 

How much is Eileen Silverberg charging for speaking events?

Once the event details are submitted, the final booking price is contingent on many variable.  The details include event’s type, date, budget, and locality.  Once this is established, Eileen Silverberg manager will work with the booking fees.

Can I pay by insurance?

Coaching is contracted and paid in advance. Coaching is not an insurance reimbursement treatment.

Do you guarantee your job?

Because I believe in the power of my work, I do give you a “satisfaction” promise. I guarantee that I will do everything I can do to assist you to succeed. Your strong commitment and investment in taking responsibility and accoutability is part of your own success.

Why should I coach with you instead of a therapist?

Coaching is a partnered commitment to the success of your goals and agenda. Counseling with a therapist searches for understanding of deepest wounds.


This all sounds good to me. I'd like to get started!

I would love to hear from you! 

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