Wellness Self-Care … Why do you need it?

In general, when you hear “Self-Care” what is your first thought?  Do you feel a sense of guilt?  Do you silently say “there is no time for those kind of moments?”


Well know this, Self-Care Wellness requires more than massages and nice warm bubble baths.  It encompasses your whole being.  Wellness is define by “an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.”


To create an insightful self-care wellness these are the three components I keep in mind.


Personal or Physical Self Care


Yes… Taking care of your body!  Getting your body to exercise and eating well. Incorporating some exercise can boost your endorphins.  When this happens you have a better mindset.  And of course when you mindfully eat you make room to love and honor your health.  


Emotional Self Care


Caring of your emotions is a powerful practice. From setting healthy boundaries with yourself and others, to expressing your needs and understanding and balancing your feelings. 


Devotional Spiritual Self Care


I believe, this is how you truly discover your soul and who you are.  Meditation and  prayer time are ways I cultivate this practice.


Friends, choosing to practice wellness self-care, is a powerful tool for a balanced life. 



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