In this time of high collective stress it is easy to feel helpless and powerless. I believe in the power of finding balanced coping strategies to help ourselves and of course the world.  


Developing coping skills is the key to walking through these days without feeling powerless.  I am choosing now more than ever to create good and positive solutions.


I have decided to look at this moment as an opportunity for renewal.  Sooo… Allow me remind you that you are more powerful than you think. 


Think of this… Any time you are going through stress, you need to train yourself to ask yourself some good questions.  


  1. Have I been mindful of what I am listening to? It is important to stay informed in a healthy way. By healthy I mean, when are you consuming the news content that you are listening? The more you listen to negativity, the more weary and fatigued you are going to be. So do not listen to the news before going to bed or when you are having family dinner. You have the choice to be the one who spreads words of encouragement and love for your own wellbeing and for those who are around you and yesssss to the world. 
  1. How am I attending my future goals? NOW is the best time to value your dreams and goals.  Yes…. We are facing very uncertain times but it is NOT the end of the world.   If you are a creative person, I am sure you are full of ideas on how to be impactful. If you, on the other hand, are more analytical, you can use your business savvy strategies to explore different angles of  bringing value to your goals. Sooo… Listen to podcast and get the right perspective.  Now you have the time!

I am sure you have a few genius things to add to this conversation and I am eager to hear them. 


Remember you can live a life of peace & calmness.  


With SOooo Much Love,





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