Welcome to E.S. Being Aloha Soul®

 E.S. Being Aloha Soul® Meditation Technique consists of being mindful while engaging in the power of words and oration to awaken the five senses. Starting with a set intention, I guide you into mindfulness allowing levels of stress to diminish.  This gives you permission to be in the Now. Gently, I guide you into a place of gratitude. The gratitude state is set up as the balancing beam to work with trapped emotions through movement and breathing techniques.


Once these trapped emotions are released, as smoothly as possible, you are able to  transition into letting go, surrendering and yielding by the use of a Mantra. This Mantra meanwhile, sets you up for the last step; the Proclamation of your New Reality!  

The results of this transformative experience is PEACE OF MIND.  When you experience peace of mind, you also experience confidence, emotional balance and more clarity when it comes to decision making. With less stress, sustained energy, and a sense of fulfillment, you can feel bliss and focus.


I am  very proud and honored to be able to help women and young ladies find a profound reason to be happy and to go after what they love. I am delighted to light their soul and the ability to share with them how E.S. Being Aloha Soul® can improve their lives. I love to remind everyone how to extract the nectar and elixir out of life and how to find their inner alchemist. I hope that you will join me in awakening the beam of light within you!


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