a warrior of light

A Warrior of Light tells the transformative journey of Eileen Silverberg, a Warrior who destroyed the feelings of guilt, bitterness, and overwhelm by reinventing herself and acquiring various tools, her shields and weapons. With an emphasis on self-care through meditation and Hawaiian-based practices, this book, with all of its tools, will help you release your Inner Warrior, just as Eileen did.


By following the practices outlined in this book, she not only found peace and happiness but also formed a stronger bond with her mom. Through A Warrior of Light, Eileen guides all types of caregivers as they face challenges, helping them to relinquish self-sabotage, forgive themselves, deepen their spiritual practice, engage in self-care, and ultimately, find their own Inner Warrior.



Deja atrás la culpa que te abruma y amarga. Es hora de encontrar la paz y la felicidad que desapareció cuando escuchaste el diagnóstico de tus padres: Demencia /Alzheimer. Es hora de liberar a tu Guerrero de luz en tu interior.

Una Guerrera de Luz cuenta el viaje transformador de Eileen Silverberg, una guerrera que destruyó los sentimientos de culpa y amargura reinventándose y adquiriendo varias herramientas, flechas, escudos y armas. Con un énfasis en el autocuidado a través de la meditación y las prácticas basadas en Hawai, este libro, con todas sus herramientas, te ayudará a liberar a tu Guerrero Interior, tal como lo hizo Eileen. Siguiendo las prácticas descritas en este libro, ella no solo encontró paz y felicidad, sino que formó un vínculo más fuerte con su madre.

A través de Una Guerrera de Luz, Eileen guía a todo tipo de cuidadores a medida que enfrentan desafíos, ayudándoles a renunciar al auto-sabotaje, perdonarse a sí mismos, profundizar su práctica espiritual, dedicarse al cuidado personal y, encontrar su propio Guerrero Interior. A medida que leas su viaje, repararás tu conexión contigo mismo y te convertirás en tu mejor versión.

Elige hoy para deshacerte de los juicios y creencias limitantes que rodean cuidadores de pacientes con Demencia /Alzheimer y en su lugar, conéctate profundamente para encontrar tu propia verdad.

What people are saying!

"What a inspirational book. Eileen relays her experiences with all of the emotions and stresses that come from everyday events and how she manages them through meditation and “self care”. While her story includes the challenges of caring for elderly parents, it’s really applicable to any type of life stressors. This is not a fluffy self help book. These are real experiences that all of us are facing now or will in the future and tools to find calmness and peace in a chaotic world."
-Kimberly G
"I loved the book! Very moving and insightful. Although Eileens challenge was her mother’s Alzheimer’s, her journey shows how one can handle other situations. Her love and dedication to her mother is inspiring and reflected throughout her writing. She writes with wit and makes it an easy read. Loved her Warrior attitude in the face of any challenge and can be applied in many aspects of life".
-Ivonne Barrera
"I absolutely felt like a warrior of my own life when I finished this book! It is so relatable, so real, and such a beautiful story of struggle and unconditional love! So many relatable moments for anybody not just those with parents suffering with Alzheimer’s! I would recommend this to anybody going through challenging or stressful moments in their love. Eileen tells a story of her life in a beautiful way! She is courageous, strong, and a true warrior of life! This book is truly written to empower those who are facing the challenges of life! What a must read!".
"Amazing book, such a great story!!! I would recommend reading it to everyone!"
- Jesus Fernandez
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