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“I am a woman who has overcome intense personal challenges without losing perspective of the meaning of life!” – Eileen Silverberg

Eileen Silverberg

I was born and raised on the beautiful island of San Juan, Puerto Rico. For as long as I can remember, I have believed I was put in this wonderful world to love and to understand and remember that we come to fulfill big and extraordinary plans


I am proud to have founded a transformational meditation technique that fuses the mind, body, and the soul. Through E.S. Being Aloha Soul® Meditation Technique, I help women and young adults to enrich their life, to reach equilibrium and to redefine their happiness!


In 2011, my mother was diagnosed with Dementia / Alzheimer Disease, after 7 years of gathering new information and uncovering new symptoms the diagnosis changed to Lewy Body Dementia in conjunction with Front Temporal Dementia. In the same year, just a few months later, my husband was diagnosed with a heart condition and underwent open heart surgery.


All my life I have always been interested in what makes people thrive even under the most challenging situations. I understand that like me, many women’s struggles and insecurities come from not having the courage to say Yes to themselves.  

If you are a caregiver or not, YOU DO have the power to change your life.


When I gave myself permission to fully release the perfectionism & people-pleasing syndrome and learned to say YES to myself more often, I was set free.

My mission is to help caregivers, women and young adults to bring the very best of what I have learned through caring for my mother and MYSELF while keeping it genuine and real. 


I have an unshakable passion & dedication to help you live your most meaningful and balanced life. I am dedicated to show you how to create miracles by transforming our past hurt into steppingstones towards greatness. 

Wellness Coach


Meditation Instructor

Eileen has a degree in Design from San Diego State University and has trained in life coaching with Christine Hassler. In addition, she has completed the requirements to facilitate Psych-k® as part of her coaching curriculum. Through her work, Eileen exudes the ideals of spirituality, joy and passion for life.
Eileen, founded and created E.S. Being Aloha Soul® Meditation in 2018. This has given Eileen the opportunity to conduct conferences for the medical staff of the most prestigious nursing and rehabilitation homes in South Florida.

Since she is a self-care advocate, Eileen has had the honor to work closely with caregivers through the Alzheimer’s Association Support Groups. Additionally, Eileen values and enjoys her role as facilitator for Ho'oponopono Circles in Miami, Florida.

Fun Facts...

  • My husband calls me PG for Positive Guru.
  • When people ask where is my accent from I tell them “What are you talking about? I have no accent.”
  • I meditate twice a day.
  • My daughter and I have a wacky & silly sense of humor.
  • I love my two Chihuahuas, Yesss, they are Chihuahuas!


What My Clients Say

“Very transformational courses & life changing meditation techniques. I feel that my body, heart and mind energy is much more balanced and harmonized. I used to live in my mind, often fighting with it but its much calmer and quieter. I feel that I’m much more aware and find it easier to be anchored by the breath and senses".
Stephie Diaz
Digital Marketer
I went to eileen’s meditation class because i was feeling very sad , moody all the time because of family problems , and i didn’t like the way i was. But when i was there at the class eileen started talking with a very soft and calm voice ,which it was very relaxing ( for some reason i started to feel very emotional) and while she was talking she asked us to imagine ourself as a kid , so i started imagining myself as kid and suddenly i couldn’t stop crying!! even when the class was over , i went to my car and i started crying there too!! but i don’t know what eileen did !! but all i can say is that ,since then i feel so much better and HAPPY. She is a person who is always smiling,so positive and such an amaizing energy!
María Via Vargas
Beauty Expert
"I attended two conferences at which Eileen Silverberg was the motivational speaker. Both of those conferences were intended primarily for the caregivers of individuals with dementia. On the basis of those experiences I can unequivocally say that Eileen is blessed with the remarkable ability to empower, to transform and to inspire faith in all those who aspire to heal both themselves and their loved ones. Women, to whom the care of family members with Alzheimer’s disease most often falls, will find Eileen’s ho ‘oponopono technique emotionally moving and comforting. As someone who was caregiver to my mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and as a professional who has worked with individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and caregivers for over two decades, I can wholeheartedly recommend Eileen’s E.S. Being Aloha Soul. It will restore strength to your soul".
Gloria Orlandi-Kass
General Manager
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