Day: April 25, 2020

Wellness Self-Care … Why do you need it?

In general, when you hear “Self-Care” what is your first thought?  Do you feel a sense of guilt?  Do you silently say “there is no time for those kind of moments?”


Well know this, Self-Care Wellness requires more than massages and nice warm bubble baths.  It encompasses your whole being.  Wellness is define by “an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.”


To create an insightful self-care wellness these are the three components I keep in mind.


Personal or Physical Self Care


Yes… Taking care of your body!  Getting your body to exercise and eating well. Incorporating some exercise can boost your endorphins.  When this happens you have a better mindset.  And of course when you mindfully eat you make room to love and honor your health.  


Emotional Self Care


Caring of your emotions is a powerful practice. From setting healthy boundaries with yourself and others, to expressing your needs and understanding and balancing your feelings. 


Devotional Spiritual Self Care


I believe, this is how you truly discover your soul and who you are.  Meditation and  prayer time are ways I cultivate this practice.


Friends, choosing to practice wellness self-care, is a powerful tool for a balanced life. 



The Road to Light:

An excerpt from the book “A Warrior of Light: A Guide of Inner Wisdom for Challenging Times” The words were whispered gently, but the strength

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Are these hard times turning you into an eating machine?

Are you binge eating?


I know you are feeling anxious BUT we are stronger than we think!  Showing up for ourselves is what we need to do now, not later.  As human beings, we have the ability to achieve everything we focus on.  However, often times, it becomes difficult to be focused more on the goal than on the struggle. 

Is it possible to exchange that approach for something more profound and fulfilling? Is it possible to change the meaning of willpower and self-discipline into serving and attending our higher-self? 


If you change the meaning to “serving that part of yourself which knows best how to each your deepest aspirations” and implement few strategies that better serve you, then, you can become determined about your decisions through out the day.   Surely, this also allows you to overcome your challenges and adversities with grace and conviction. Yes, it takes practice but hey… we are braver than anxiety and we do have the time.


The American Psychological Association agrees that willpower is a powerful tool.  Do you want to know the 2 strategies that help me serve my higher self best?





In order to strengthen our willpower, we have to have a clear picture of our goal.  I am positive you had to work hard to be healthy.  I am also sure, it took a lot of determination to develop good healthy habits.  So, here is the key.  Think quietly for few minutes.  Think of why did you commit to begin with to a healthier lifestyle.  Think of the first time you saw progress… (stronger workouts, clothing fitting better, enjoying your healthy eating habits.)  Then, on a scale from 0-5, how happy did you feel then?  Then, think of things you would love to change in your life now.  At this point, you will be more adjusted to what serves you best to achieve your goal.




Be curious  about what emotional payoff you are getting from binge eating.  Is your addiction motivated by boredom? By a need to connect with others? Go back to your visualization and the feelings of progress.  Remember, when you cultivate the art of serving your higher-self,  you do it through every action in small dosages.  Be gentle and do not obsess over your ultimate goal weight, or you will never get there. Simply, allow yourself to start again.  Choose to snack on fruits and vegetables, choose to take time to walk or bike often times during the day.  In no time, you will reintroduce an exercise routine and a better healthier way to eat through this time of uncertainty.  You will become crystal clear of who you are meant to be.     


It is time to let go of the idea that we are good only if we resist temptation and that we are bad when we give into temptation.  There is so much shame and guilt that results from telling ourselves we are bad.  In my experience positive reinforcement is the best motivation tool to develop willpower.  Positive reinforcement is the best motivation tool for my higher self!  




The threat that this unexpected global health crisis, COVID-19, has brought upon everyone is of major concern.  Especially, when it comes to our elderly sick parents living in nursing homes.  Visitors restrictions imposed back in March, have left us uneasy and distressed.  As humans, we immediately jump to conclusions and  try to rationalize restrictions.  However, trying to rationalize the unknown, only ends up backfiring on us in the end.


The CDC has a checklist  to implement for all nursing facilities to ensure the health of both the residents and health care providers. It makes total sense then that we  implement methods to remain balanced and centered during this quarantine time.  This requires a giant adjustment in attitude.  Whether you think these restrictions are necessary or not, we must remain centered and balanced in order to support our well-being and our community. 




1- MER for getting centered and balanced.


MER, is a clinically researched approached to help release stress, fear and negative emotions, thus, helping us remain centered and balance during uncertain times. 

 First of all, these restrictions can cause us to feel future based fear.  Fear of things turning out in a negative way.  My mentor, Dr. Matt, says “if you put things in your future ending negatively, you increase the chances of things ending negatively.”  Consequently,  if you put things in your future ending positively, you increase the chances of things ending in a positive way.  

Surely, at the end of the day, why wouldn’t  I choose having things that are positive in my future?   You may ask, what if things do not end the way we want? Well, that is okay, we will deal with them in the moment but not before.  By reviewing the event and the future outcome that brings me anxiety and instead watching it unfold in the most positive outcome, I connect with a balanced energy.   


2- Ho’oponopono for getting centered and balanced.


As you know, after reading my book,  A Warrior of Light, A guide of Inner Wisdom For Challenging Times, I practice Ho’oponopono.  Known as the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness, it is a healing process use to align and clean up our relationships with other people and circumstances in our lives.  When we forgive others and circumstances, we forgive ourselves!  And when we forgive, we become centered and balanced. 

I like to start my Ho’oponopono practice with the “HA” Meditation and then I proceed to build my forgiving practice.  The beauty of Ho’oponopono is that “HA” Meditation itself has the incredible power to bring profound balance and healing into our lives.


When you consider the duration of the restrictions to avoid visiting or seeing your loved ones in person, your anxiety is most definitely not unfounded. Methods and techniques to help you getting centered and balanced is the best thing we can do to remain healthy.  It is my hope these two techniques resonate with you, remember we are all in this together.




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