Positive Soul.

My mission is to help caregivers, women and young adults to bring the very best of what I have learned through caring for my mother and MYSELF while keeping it genuine and real. 


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Meditations for Awakening your Inner Wisdom

Meditaciones para despertar tu sabiduría interna

Hi, I'm eileen!

I am a happy wife, a proud mom, entrepreneur, author, self-care wellness mentor, and Psych-K® facilitator.

My mission is to help caregivers, women and young adults to bring the very best of what I have learned through caring for my mother and MYSELF while keeping it genuine and real.

I believe…

There is nothing more healing than saying Yes to yourself & laughing out loud.

Self-care looks good on you.

You are the one responsible for how you are feeling.

Your optimism is your superpower.

A glass of Champagne is good for the soul.

Your words are powerful.

In finding unprecedented joy in a less-than-perfect life.

why Work With Me?

I believe in the power of my work!  When you choose me to be your wellness coach, you will be choosing someone who believes on how important it is  for all of us to become more self –aware.  If you choose to work with me, I will be there as your coach to open your eyes to becoming a better YOU.

I will be there every step of the way to motivate you and guide you on your journey to living a happier, balanced and more present life.

As your wellness coach, I will redefine how you view self-care to help you overcome burnouts and anxiety. I will advise you on how to think with a more positive mindset about who you are, how you perceive others and the world.

I want to help achieve all that and more which is why working with me will be the best decision you ever made for YOU- because you are worth it!

I will holistically help and guide you to overcome your limiting barriers, to unlock your potential. Often with profound results. I like plans that require action!

My Book, A Warrior Of Light, Is Now Available!


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Mahalo Juego Ho’oponopono

Cuando Mahalo Juego Ho’oponopono llegó a mi vida, mi auténtica naturaleza reconoció algo que ya conocía.

Sabes que nuestro ser reconoce las verdades que edifican nuestras almas?

Transforma tu vida y la de toda tu familia aquí y ahora.

Como la embajadora de esta maravillosa esa herramienta, hago posible que Mahalo llegue a ti en todo USA🇺🇸,  

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proud facilitator of:

PSYCH-K® allows you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your potential in life.


Most problems in our lives come from stuck energy either in this lifetime or past or even our ancestral lineage. Once honored and recognized many times situations can dissipate organically as love and forgiveness are high vibrational emotions.

E.S. Being Aloha Soul® Meditation Technique consists of being mindful while engaging in the power of words and oration to awaken the five senses.

I love to remind everyone how to extract the nectar and elixir out of life and how to find their inner alchemist. I hope that you will join me in awakening the beam of light within you!

What My Clients Say

"Eileen Silverberg has been an exceptional coach to me.
I always learn from her and she inspires in me a sense of positivism, gives me tips and tools to use to develop the skills I need to create more happiness, fulfillment and find the path to all that is important to me. She has also introduced me to really meditate the right way and take care of my inner self".
Ivonne Barrera
"The services provided by Eileen were not only spectacular but also enlightening, never in my life did I ever think of seeking help in regards to my spiritual well being, I regret not doing it sooner. In life we are taught constantly that we are our worse enemies, but she showed me I can be my best friend, to be self driven, to love myself, to be able to be loved".
Francisco Saavedra
Sales Associate
"The day before I was to talk with Eileen the 1st time, I did meditate twice in one day and I've kept on with that steadily every single day since . she's such a powerful light that she helped me accomplish my goal before we even started the program! I can't recommend her highly enough; you'd be really lucky to work with her in any capacity".
Theresa Westnedge
Registered Nurse
Aloha Eileen, Primero que todo quiero agradecerte por la grata experiencia de tu clase del pasado sabado. Yo habia hecho el curso de Ho onoponopo unos anos atras. Pero la experiencia vivida contigo fue completamente diferente. Me senti tranquila, sin estress, que tu eres real y no estas tratando de manipular o hacer sentir culpable a nadie. Espero que Dios te siga llenando de sabiduria para que tu la sigas compartiendo con nosotros. Mil gracias por tus ensenanzas!
"Te agradezco por tu manera de hacerme entender que viva en amor, perdón y agradecimiento, eso me ha ayudado a terminar con un evento negativo, a eliminarlo y tomar de ese evento el aprendizaje, Gracias por liberarme a mí y a mis hijos y mis próximas generaciones de esas memorias. Ahora vivo en paz conmigo misma y con los demás, en armonía. Vivo mi presente en agradecimiento, y mi propósito es tener una vida plena, y ser luz. Gracias por tu terapia, tus enseñanzas, el taller fue propicio para borrar esas memorias y renovarme".
"Gotitas de rocio, perdón, te perdono, te amo, gracias! Todo esto son palabras catalizadoras que aprendí durante uno de los talleres más esclarecedores y sabios que he participado en mucho tiempo. Liderado por Eileen Silverberg y con la suave y amorosa cadencia de su voz he aprendido que pedir perdón no es difícil cuando se aprende con las técnicas del Ho’oponopono. A través de círculos de sanacion y talleres virtuales Eileen llega a cada uno de los participantes con el cariño y la dulzura que la caracteriza. Ya yo estoy lista para la próxima lección".
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